The newest Elezen battle is just one of the elderly races into the Eorzea

In Last Fantasy FFXIV: A world Reborn , really the only battle who’s stated only rule around Eorzea is new Elezen race. So it race looks just like the Miqo’te race, but make zero mistake, he could be a bit various other: Elezer are an elf such as for instance competition. As well, the fresh Elezen have the most powerful sense of honor, intelligence and you may satisfaction in the wonderful world of Last Fantasy XIV.

Wildwood Elezen

Brand new Wildwood Elezen are now living in the newest Black Shroud (Gridania) along with Coerthas (Ishgard). He is a lot of time limb some body and then have higher ears (their looks is actually elven) letting them has actually an enthusiastic feeling of reading. At the same time, Wildwood flaunts a natural attraction with miracle.

Duskwight Elezen

The new Duskwight make their property throughout the forest caverns to possess ages, mostly on Black Shroud. They appear like its cousins. The only difference is the shade of the facial skin, that its situation was dark and their style of lifestyle.

Hrothgar race

Hrothgar is the other competition you to definitely produced its first when you look at the Final Fantasy: Shadowbringers , just like Hrothgar is an additional feline-including race, identical to Miqo’te. According to the fandom game people , the look of Hrothgar reminds all of us out-of Kimarhri, the new epic character regarding Finally Fantasy x, and we concur.


This new Helions , in place of New Missing clan, enjoys brown fur overall their health. From inside the ancient age, The brand new Helions might possibly be based regarding the southern area for Ilsabard however live-in all of the Eorzea. Truly the only cause for lives having Helions is the king, for whom he is competent to lay out its life.

Brand new Forgotten

This new Destroyed will have started free spirit some one, that have an effective nomadic life unbound from the wishes of your monarch. Your own skin of Shed is actually white and you may grey, and are usually effective at completing higher travels simply by walking and dealing with a number of services, out-of peddler to sellersword.

Lalafell battle

Lalaffel are, perhaps, the fresh new most adorable competition during the Last Dream 14. Of all the FFXIV events from Last Dream XIV world, Lalafell is the smallest, much like an excellent dwarf, but want and you can a kid-such as battle. He could be native to the hawaiian islands of southern area waters, however, Lalafell receive its road due to burgeoning change routes. Lalafell is actually appealing of individuals away from abroad and, possibly, many industrial battle in the wonderful world of Latest Fantasy fourteen.

Lalafell lifetime, primarily, in Ul’dah, the great city of trade located in the desert out of Thanalan, towards the south away from Aldenard. Papalymo, Tataru are two Lalafells of your Scions of your own Seventh Beginning. Papashan and the Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo from Ul’dah are a couple of really accepted Lalafell.


Plainsfolk all are investors into the Limsa Lominsa, for this reason it compensated in that town many years ago. Additionally, Plainsfolk is predominantly growers, however, constantly really near to Limsa Lominsa looking safety. He or she is short as well as use up all your fuel but they possess a beneficial higher sharpness Bisexual dating sites regarding head and swiftness.


Dunesfolk would be the founders of one’s high town of Ul’dah, formerly called Belah’dia and you may Sil’dih. The new Dunesfolk has actually a powerful attitude, that’s best for the business of the great town.

Hyur race

Hyur stands for the biggest population in the Eorzea. The brand new Hyur have been shown having been the initial competition to help you attended to that particular region out of close countries and continents. Hyur are mediocre throughout senses compared with other races, truly and you will mentally, with respect to make and you will top. Hyur is a really brief battle and you can travel much time ranges for the legs. Hyur competition is put into a couple clans: this new midlanders and highlanders.