Workflow control is a process of information management. It includes a method of controlling the work flow of a work system, which involves the work flow administration, handling workflow products and incidents, and keeping track of workflows and work items. A work flow management system offers an integrated system for the deployment, construction and monitoring of a well-defined sequence of activities, generally set up as a work flow. Workflow supervision also will involve controlling and managing work items and events within an effective and efficient fashion.

Workflow operations systems typically support the integration of workflows with other software program, such as Desktop Management User interface (DMI), Enterprise Portal, Support Management System, Personal pc Info Store, Intranet Management, or perhaps Web Providers. Work management can easily control work flow to provide a protect and energetic information environment. Workflow administration systems support the software of many business processes, such as accounting functions, buy processing, customer support, technical support, and human resource functions. Workflow management can also support the software of non-business processes, just like scheduling, de-cluttering, and process completion.

The workflow operations systems can be utilised for managing multiple workflows for doing several activities at the same time. A lot of workflow management systems bring managing much more multiple work flow with the help of just one central databases for controlling tasks and events. Work systems can be effectively put in place for automating several business functions, as it supports all the significant workflows for particular business procedures. Workflow control systems will be widely used for controlling distinctive tasks and processes interested in any business process.