15 video game writing jobs for the gamer in you

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Polygon, for example, has been known to pay $300 for an article, whereas many of these publishers pay $50. Some websites promise you X amount depending upon the number of page views that your articles receive, which is paid once you hit a ridiculous cap that takes months to hit. You’re then expected to spend hours marketing your own posts and driving traffic to their website. In my specific case, writing for Assassin’s Creed, I love the extensive research we do before we make any new game. When we finally dive into production, I am passionate about writing dialog. I love the sound, and feel, and scent of good writing, so I take great care to make every sentence a masterpiece.

The gaming industry always has news to share with the public. If you enjoy staying up to date on all things gaming, one of these game writer jobs could be a good fit. If yes, consider looking for work as a video game scriptwriter. There’d be no consistent plot or storyline, and the characters wouldn’t stay true to themselves.

One thing we’re especially passionate about is helping our writers grow in their work including help with navigating social media, digital journalism, and strengthening their writing skills. Plus we work to provide review copy where possible, like board games and TTRPGs. Not only is the content well-produced, but it rings very true regarding the kind of lessons a budding narrative designer/video game writer will benefit from. An applicant who has successfully completed the edX Professional Certificate in Writing for Video Games would have a definite advantage. With a simple Google search, you can find thousands of blogs devoted to video games.

“While I love the security of Failbetter, freelance keeps me sane because I get to work on more than one thing,” she said. “Level dialogue the moment to moment narrative that you might have, for example Lara talking to herself during a level,” Pratchett said. “Bark is the short lines of dialogue that come from usually AI, sometimes party members, and they’re just really telling you about what’s going on in the world around you, maybe what’s going on in a fight.” Starting in a role that doesn’t reflect what you actually want to do is a common way into games, with QA and game testing often at the forefront of this.


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You’ll also look for inconsistencies in the script, story, and gameplay. This way, players have the best experience possible as they work their way through the game. Always proofread your work before you submit it. Also, stick to your deadline and do a good job communicating with your client. Your reputation plays a big role in your game writing career, and happy clients are often excellent referral sources. We’re always looking for new writers to join our freelance pool.

Making money writing about video games and geeky stuff you love can be rewarding on its own, but there are other perks in this fun niche. Scoring free games, products, and hardware to review is easily at the top of the list for many writers. When you’re writing reviews for bigger publications, they often send out review codes or physical copies for you to play through to tackle assignments. Don’t expect to always nab the best AAA games, but it’s still exciting to get paid to play and write about the latest releases, particularly when you receive them well ahead of their official launch.

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