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We’re looking for advanced and in-depth proven experts in the field who can teach us a thing or two. We practice digital marketing every day and we still want to learn from you. Promote these pages in your About Us write-up to give the prospect a chance to see additional dimensions of your personality or your company’s. It’s also a great way to add followers and turn casual supporters into raving fans.

There’s nothing wrong with looking at how other businesses present themselves. Analyze their About Us pages to see what works and to get ideas that you can apply in an original way (don’t copy!) to your own page. For the camping goods company I mentioned earlier, a photo of the husband, wife and their little boy hiking was a perfect fit for their About Us page. We included a photo of the founder wearing her baker’s hat and apron, making bread in her shop, flour and eggs visible on the table in front of her. While stock photos can work on some of your other pages, for the About Us page, you don’t want to use something generic.


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If so, please consider yourself a member of our talented writing staff. Our talented authors, who have been with us for a while, put in a lot of effort, which is why our site is successful. When it comes to writing, some people prefer to go it alone. But there are plenty of advantages to working on a group writing project with other people. For one, you can bounce ideas off of each other and get feedback from your collaborators. Having a team can also help keep you accountable and on track.

This can include anything from the name of your product to a description to words enticing someone to purchase. If you need to put a logo on the package, make sure you have a vector file available. If we inform you that we plan to post your Submission it doesn’t mean it will be posted immediately and we may post it eventually at our discretion. By Submitting to us you agree to permit us to post the content you submit on our Website.

Each color has an assigned number and can be reproduced nearly identically by any printer. CMYK — Stands for cyan , magenta , yellow and key . Each color has a CYMK code that a printer will use to help color match your design and the finished package. When you look at the package, is it clear what the product does and who it’s for? Buyers are only going to spend money on things they understand.

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