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Interested writers may leave your email so we can get in touch with you if we decide to post your article. Get the latest fast food coupons, news, and tips delivered right to your inbox. Make sure, your content must be relevant and detailed to cakes blogs. We do not pay for first submission, but you will have your bio presented with the recipe. We encourage everyone to post under their real name as we firmly believe this will help you grow your confidence in food writing.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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However, if you don’t want your name to be revealed, Honest Food Talks can post under a pseudonym, keeping your identity anonymous. For easy reading, each paragraph should not be longer than 3-4 sentences each. Where sensible, use subheadings to break up the text. Opinion – Do you have a strong opinion on something in the food and beverage industry and have research to back it up? Start a discussion about the latest food trends on our website.

You will be spread your content all around the world, establish a community and next you will become famous on the Internet. Now accepting submissions from experienced and new writers alike. We are currently looking for well-written “Tips” articles as well as Recipes.

Writers with experience creating SEO content will have an advantage, yet all those who can meet our guidelines should reach out. Proofread your article or recipe or guide to make it look professional. Figure out what kind of food writing are you interested in.

We accept guest posts of 1000 words or more from all over the world. Full credit will be given to you so you can use our platform to build your reputation in the foodie world. We create simple, easy-to-follow recipes that are always gluten-free, often dairy-free, and sometimes Paleo. We’ve got hundreds of recipes, resources, and travel articles showing you how you can enjoy gluten-free foods while living your best gluten-free life. Becoming a guest blogger is a best way of getting exposure for your own blog. If you have an amazing recipe idea, a food story from your travels, or a related opinion piece, I’d love to hear from you.

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