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Also, you retain the copyright to your article even after it’s published on our site. We just ask that you don’t republish it elsewhere without our permission. Republishing the article will result in the article being removed from our site. After you have pitched an idea for an article, we will select one of the topics that you have suggested from the available options and offer it to you to write about.

Articles that do not meet Stefanini’s editorial standards will not be published. Your content will be promoted on our social media channels. If you are going to write an article topic, make sure you know your audience. The objective of the article should be clear to our readers – which is the support professionals using our resources who engage in conversations every day. When it comes to Google ranking, creating content that provides substantial value and is engaging is key. The first step in creating a successful marketing strategy for an article is to determine if the content provides value compared to other results in the search.


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Once it is posted we’ll share a live published link with you and also promote your content on our social media channels. For guest posting, you can include two links to your site and include an author’s bio. Please email me with 3-5 suggested topics beforehand. If it’s a good fit, I will respond with an estimated publish date. As a travel blogger, I’m grateful to reach a broad range of readers.

While guest posting has become common practice, navigating it can be challenging if you have little experience or few connections. Conduct a proper website search to ensure that you’re pitching an idea/theme that’s not already covered. We strongly believe that successful guest contributions are comprehensive, great researchers, and data-driven.

From here, pick between two to three blog post topics with the best chance of getting accepted by the target site owner. Other than that, take a look at their latest blog posts to get an idea of the site owner’s current content strategy. They’re more likely to approve a proposed headline if it suits their present objectives. The Ahrefs’ backlink checker tool can measure this with its Domain Rating metric.

Just don’t do it for the sake of links, also focus on relationships to have a better impact in the long run. Here’s a list of some of the essential blogging tools you need to win at guest blogging in 2022 and beyond. There can be many more solid and logical reasons due to which website owners and bloggers decide to go for guest blogging. Why you have decided to use guest blogging, please share in the comments section. If you are looking to grow your traffic and brand awareness with guest posts, then Guest Post Tracker is a must-have tool.

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