Wiffle® Ball Strike Zone Tee

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The collapsible and moveable strikezone and backstop is designed completely to be used with WIFFLE® and different plastic-baseball balls. Batters stand a short distance in entrance of the present invention, dealing with the pitcher, and bat pitches thrown at the backstop. This invention may also be used with no batter, corresponding to for purposes of practicing pitching WIFFLE® and other plastic-baseball balls. In essence, the current invention supplies an “umpire” within the calling of “balls and strikes” for pitches during WIFFLE® ball video games and tournaments whereas simultaneously serving as a backstop to facilitate the retrieval of pitches to expedite recreation play. Pitches exterior the strikezone , or “balls,” are blocked by the backstop, which expedites the retrieval of such pitches by the batter. Since the present invention is produced from lightweight artificial material supplies and a thin versatile steel coil 5, it is light-weight and easy to move.

Keep out of the attain of children underneath the age of 8. Everything you need to play a fun game of Wiffle® ball including our unique S&S® Strike Zone pitch target that makes video games extra enjoyable whether you’re enjoying a serious game of quick pitch or a enjoyable recreation of slow pitch. 6 and seven, the ends of the bottom and sides of the backstop shall be supported and balanced by two detachable light-weight connector-rod brace members eight hooked up by the backstop’s attachments 6 for the removable connector rods eight.

Travis went as far as to build a strike zone out of PVC and sheet metal, and it was an amazing amount of enjoyable. The backstop is supported and balanced by two sets of retractable or collapsible plastic brace members—one at both sides of the unit. The supports are a pair of rods whose ends are detachable, linked to the perimeters of WiffleNet’s base when fully assembled by both a Velcro-strap or fitted connecting-slot method.

The capacity to fabricate the structures of this invention from light weight materials make this invention very portable, as its lightweight nature is beneficial for transport to parks, recreational areas, and so on. To assemble the WiffleNet, a person must only unfurl the system in order that the collapsible and coilable frame hittrax for sale member 5 absolutely expands into its elliptical shape and attach the assist connector rods 8 and connectors 9. 5, to break down the invention, a person must solely disconnect the connector rods 8 and connectors 9 and twist, fold and/or bend the collapsible and flexible body member 5 onto one another to create overlays for portability and storage.

In a most well-liked embodiment, the body member 5 is one component of flexible coilable steel inventory wire that types one steady semi-elliptical and part-straight construction. The advantages of the present invention are numerous, as this invention considerably improves portability by simplifying its construction particularly to be used with WIFFLE balls. Since WIFFLE® baseballs can’t be hit or thrown very far, or trigger a lot personal or property harm from its use, the game of WIFFLE® ball can be performed indoors or outside, with comparatively restricted and/or confined space.

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