Write About Pets: 19 Friendly Markets That Pay Up to $600

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We do no promote guest contributors website, products, or services in the body of the article. Our focus is to provide readers with practical tips and valuable information for our readers, not for us to promote your product and services. We do allow you to provide 1-2 links within the body of the blog post to articles you have written for other websites. The links will be reviewed and if the editors feel the links are not relevant, they do have the right to remove them. Links that you submit in your article are not guaranteed to there when published.


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If you buy something through a link, I receive a small commission with no additional cost to you. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly. Please give me several suggestions for topics. Please send me the url where your links will point.

If that is the case, you are indeed at the right place! Pet Fact offers a one-stop solution for all pet lovers or those looking for answers to their pet-related queries. Include one URL for a backlink (no-follow) or your social media link. The PetPlace editorial staff reserves the right to make any edits they deem necessary to any work submitted by guest writers. Authors may or may not be informed of edits prior to publication. Is friendly, encouraging, open-minded, and professional.

Articles such as the “Top 10 indoor games your dog will love” or “9 Ways to keep your parrot entertained” are great content pieces to submit for consideration . All submissions must be entirely original work published exclusively on PetPlace. We allow other pet topics, but dog topic is more appreciating. Please send the original photo in the highest resolution that you have.

As is the case with any writing niche, you should also have a portfolio of writing samples to show potential clients. Ideally, your portfolio should contain clips of pet care-related writing to demonstrate your expertise. Pet Rescue Blog is an informative website designed to help pet owners by sharing their knowledge of the pet industry. Followings are the queries of how pet bloggers search us on Google. Add internal linksrelated to your topic.As we are Pet and Animal website, we accept linking to the same industry only. Be sure your topic is not covered, the below search field can assist you to check either your topic is already covered or not.

Please send either a writing sample, or the first paragraph of the article you’re thinking of writing, to Questions, ideas? We’re looking for a steady stream of articles that answer the questions that caretakers are asking. If we use your 500 – 1000 word article, we’ll pay up to $50. Take a look at some of the sample subjects below and let me know if you’re interested in writing.

You are welcome to add personal antidotes if they will enhance your article. We will give you up to two links back to your blog, website, or social media platform in your Author bio. These links will be “do follow” unless you are linking to a product page in which case they will be “no follow.” Submit either a few topic ideas, an outline, or a fully written draft.

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