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We reserve the right to change our Article Publishing Policy. For the most updated version of Policy, please refer to this page (engaiodigital.com/write-for-us) before any application attempt. Never add too many words for the sake of having more words. Make sure every header and its content of your article are less than 300 words, if it surpasses 300 words, consider using a subheader. An article has to educate, guide, inform, and go through a topic with in-depth knowledge.

We accept only individual writers, startup companies, Professional Writers, or Freelancers to write for us. We prefer content from Bloggers, Startup founders, and creators who have in-depth knowledge rather than a general base of business, startup, or marketing. People are continuously looking for fresh stories and new ideas. It helps in encouraging reading and engaging. Hence, we’re always looking for some unique and out of the box content.

So don’t give only the same boring impersonal facts most people do. Showcase the exciting personality of your business and the people behind it. Update your About Us page as your company evolves and grows. If you target new markets, develop new applications or add key people to your team, those might deserve mention on your About Us.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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On its about page, Yokel Local spotlights its clients, its story and mission, and the team behind the brand. This last element is key because Yokel Local knows that its vibe wins over prospective clients. After all, when you hire an agency, you’re hiring its people. This theme from Automattic is great for small businesses with a brief company history. You can start by explaining your mission concisely, then jump right into important links. We will not accept posts which have been published to other sites.

About Us pages are unique to your business and should be written with consideration in mind. Many ecommerce website builders will include an About Us page in your starter template. For example, Shopify’s Parallax theme provides an About Us page template you can copy and paste your story into. One element that stands out on Mailchimp’s About Us page is its section on corporate citizenship.

WRITING STYLE – This must be unique; however, it must also be fitting for the language style and voice that our readers are used to. Your guest post must not sound like it was written by a corporate robot. Your post must also be easy to read and not contain too many jargon words or phrases.

These items belong on your About Us page because they give legitimacy and credibility to your business in the eyes of the customer. Your About Us page can include sections such as “Awards” and “Press.” It’s perfectly appropriate to mention past achievements provided they’re relevant and significant. Your About Us page should be more than a corporate resume. Explain why the product or service you offer is important to you.

In general, I only accept guest post proposals from current and former Freelance Writers Den members, and from students or graduates of Jon Morrow’s SmartBlogger.com mentoring program. Engaio Digital’s content is always developing, and if you have an idea for an article that might not match a listed type, we still want to hear from you. We are always interested in articles that make a change within a topic.

We do not accept duplicate content, and we check each submission for plagiarism. First and foremost, we share content that is informative, engaging, and entertaining. If you wish to sponsor your business-related articles, you can contact with the title SPONSORED POST for a prompt response.

Are you enamoured by the digital disruption being brought by the On Demand Economy. The page is a bit long and the requirements a bit stiff, but we feel it’s necessary to reduce spam submissions. Includes subheadings, bullet points, and shorter paragraphs which make the article more readable. Your work should be original and not a derivative of an existing content. Please check it on tools like Copyscape to avoid plagiarism. We’d love for you to properly cite sources whenever you’re quoting an important statistic or study to avoid any problem.

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