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Feel free to feature your product if it provides an easy solution to how developers, agencies, ecommerce store owners and other stakeholders can benefit from it on our platform. Whenever possible we will ask you for edits before we make our own changes. Activities that aren’t unique to your destination. Whether you’re suggesting a restaurant, museum, or tour, it needs to be unique to your destination. Our readers don’t have that kind of skrill, so please, leave the suggestions for luxury resorts and pricey hotels for someone else.

At Cloudways, we are always on the lookout to publish quality content. If you can create unique content that resonates with our audience, follow the guidelines below and get featured on the Cloudways blog. Our editorial team will go through 1-2 rounds of edits to help you tailor your post to our needs. If by round 2 your post isn’t where we need it to be, we unfortunately won’t be able to move forward. We try not to make you jump through hoops if we don’t intend on publishing your post, but please be aware that it does happen. If your pitch is a good fit, our editorial team will be in touch to let you know we’d like to move forward.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

For example, linking to dating sites, SEO agencies, Credit-related sites, etc. aren’t allowed. Creately to visualize data, information, processes, ideas, and frameworks. Follow our formatting guide, and proofread your post before sending it to us.

Only original, unpublished work will be accepted in MS word format – Please do not send articles that have already been published on your blog or elsewhere. We perform a plagiarism check, and it won’t be accepted if it isn’t original. Once you submit your content, our editorial team will review the content and everything and will respond to you within 2 business working days. We use Google docs for reviewing content so please send us a doc link with permission to edit. If everything is okay, we will schedule a blog according to our blog publishing frequency and we will notify you once we make it live.

If you think you have what it takes, then fill the form below with the subject “Guest Post“. Well-formatted with an introduction, and further explanation of the topic & conclusion in the end, with headings, sub-headings & bullet points. Make sure your content is engaging, concise, and well-formatted. Cloudways receives approximately 635K clicks and 26M impressions monthly, meaning our content gets ample attention and performs well on the SERPs. Cloudways Users Group Connect, share & learn from our customers around the globe.

Because we have such a large community of writers, we have to be strategic about what content we take and what content we can’t. We have five steps in place to make sure your content makes it onto our blog. If you are attaching a complete article, please submit it as a Word document or Google Docs rather than a PDF. We encourage the use of in-line hyperlinks for acknowledging sources.

Straight forward from start of order, to payment and they delivered the next day which was perfect for us as mum was having problems with her previous lifeline. The installation was easy and you have a choice on how to wear the pendant. In addition, you can also add related videos to your post for better understanding. Grammatical mistakes, whether small or obvious, negatively impact the reader’s mind and judge your content as low-quality. Being grammatically correct gives you an edge over other writers.

Writing articles for the website of another company is an example of “guest posting,” which is another way of describing the same activity. There are several websites that encourage and enable guest posting or sponsored pieces from authors. We encourage writers from a wide variety of backgrounds to submit guest posts to our website. We are giving writers and small business owners an incredible opportunity to obtain widespread attention and a platform to share their insights with the world. You can contribute your useful content to our recognized webpage at competitive rates. We never skimp on quality because we believe it should come before quantity, and we never make exceptions to this rule.

Basically, anyone who is interested to write about traveling and want to share knowledge about different places and countries, you are welcome to share your ideas on FastLagos.com. To publish guest posts on our website, you need to add a minimum of one image for each subject of your post. I know what it feels like to pour your heart and soul into a guest post.

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