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Top list of ways to improve quality of any adventure or specific outdoor activity. You can link to relevant content on your site and other websites. Just don’t spam, and link to content or services that are genuinely helpful. But, that shouldn’t stop us from providing the best content for every travel experience and journey out there. All articles must be original content.They must not have been posted previously anywhere on the internet.

All articles and photos that appear in the magazine must adhere to Leave No Trace’s ecologically friendly practices. Likewise, we do not promote motorized use in the wilderness or backcountry. Our readers are knowledgeable and experienced backpackers, therefore we accept only authentic, well-researched, well-crafted stories (see the section on “Accuracy,” below). We’re not interested in slavish imitations of stories we’ve already done. As always, you should carefully study several issues of the magazine before submitting a query.

Our main goals here are to create awesome content our readers will love, and drive traffic to the site. Examines the physical and psychological aspects of fitness, first aid, and nutrition as it relates to backpacking. This section covers topics from poison ivy to snakebites to altitude sickness. Freelancers most often break into BACKPACKER’s pages in the departments. These shorter assignments and mostly take a single topic within the scope of that section and cover it thoroughly.

But, I find that most people that contact me expect me to publish garbage on my this my most favourite website that I started in 2006. We do reserve the rights to edit the article including changes in the text, subheadings and headline in order to improve the readability. We would give the guest authors a chance to review our edits before posting when possible, but we retain final editorial control. Relevant links may be added at the time of publishing or later. People like piccies and want to know who you are so they can tell all their friends about this awesome hiking blogger they just discovered via TrekSumo. That’s right, we accept guest posts on TrekSumo.com.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Have you discovered the love for exotic foods, secret wilderness spots, amazing festivals and travel experiences? Then you most likely have the spirit of a travel writer. We at ‘Backpackers Travel Magazine’ are always looking for new stories. Every article you write will be published under your name. Each writer has an authors box which shows your name, bio and website. It will be sent to 10,000′s of people via our mailing list and social media accounts.

Gear in the photos should also be current and fit properly. What you need to day-hike, backpack, or do just about anything in the outdoors, all digested into easily understood articles geared to every ability level. We are currently accepting new posts (publishing is subject to reviewing/assessment).

If you have a good example of writing, you can also attach a Word Doc, Text File, or PDF on the form below. We’ll get back to you if we dig your stuff and we’ll take it from there. The topics that you have in mind (please search the website and make sure it hasn’t been covered yet).

Have quality images taken by you or that you have the rights to distribute. In case, our editorial team is not satisfied with your first draft, you may be asked to make grammatical corrections and other necessary changes before you send the content again. Well, you might be wondering who we are and what we do. To be precise, we are a committed team of avid trekkers and explorers with an immense passion to help travel-addicts enjoy the thrill of mountains.

Get in touch and get your article published on our website. We welcome articles from outdoors and travel bloggers, video bloggers, outdoor and travel industry subjects. We accept guest blog submissions, photos and videos. As much as we love to hike, there are thousands of miles of hiking trails, we will never be able to hike.

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