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We’re a Lagos based Digital Marketing Agency that offers tailored digital marketing services across Nigeria. It does not matter whether you are in Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Uyo, Lagos, Abuja, Jos, Kaduna, Owerri, Benin City, or Enugu. Do not use titles that are already included in our different blogs.

Check out other posts on the site to get a feel for the tone and voice. If you’re unsure, ask a friend or colleague to read over your submission before sending it in. If we didn’t find any of your suggested topics relevant then we can share a few topics from our end.

If we approve and publish your post, you can no longer publish the post anywhere else. Do send us your author’s bio, which will accompany your published post. Where possible, include images that complement the content you are submitting. Only send images that are free or you own the full Ensure the images sent are in JPG or PNG format.

We will review the article you submitted and if it is aligned with our guidelines, our team will contact you for the date of publication. Make sure you understand the site’s tone and audience before pitching a post. Read through the site’s submission guidelines to see what they’re looking for. Choose a topic that you’re passionate about and that you know will interest the site’s readers. If we found your topic relevant and fit to our guest posting instructions, it will be send for review to our editors.

Using guest posting, you don’t want to fall behind the competition. Welcome writers to contribute rich and high-quality guest articles on MageComp. You can start by suggesting the topics you could write on, or you can email the rough draft of your content idea using Google doc link.

Even though we are quite picky about what belongs on our blog, we make sure that we read all your applications. A quality blog can also help you drive traffic to your website or blog. You will be notified of the date and time of publication. We have the right to edit our articles or their titles as we see fit. Send us your article via Google Docs and make sure it is shared externally and we can edit it. Make sure your article is well-written and free of grammatical and spelling errors.

We just need thoughtful, articulate articles on topics related to our target audiences. Are you ready to write us a guest post or become a regular contributor? Read everything mentioned below for a successful guest post submission on VOCSO. The content of OC Partnership is narrowly concentrated on business, finance, and real estate. If you have spent some time to go through our blog, I believe you will know what kind of contents we write, and like to post. We accept submissions from freelance and guest writers who have unique and well-researched articles they would love to share with the whole world.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

You have the option of including a personal photo and a brief biography of the author. When formatting subheads, be sure to include appropriate titles, H1 and H2 tags where appropriate. Since the approval procedure takes a long time, you are requested to be patient with us as we answer in 5-10 business days.

And we only allow links that make sense & add value to the article. Sure, you can have a link in your bio taking to your homepage. Also, there are tons of blogs on marketing out there so it won’t be any problem to link out the reputable sources in your article. If you are an agency or company working to place guest posts for links, we don’t do any of this. Ditto if you want to publish your sponsored post with your links, or go back to an old post and stuff your link in.

Carol Tice started the Make a Living Writing site with a pretty simple goal, to be a central hub that helps writers make money writing. The site’s content focuses on helping writers find better-paying gigs, pitch more effectively, hone their craft, and even become an author. Only submit original content that has not been published elsewhere on the web.

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